The Hunt for Amiibo

I am a person that likes sleep. I like sleep so much, in fact, that I work 32 hours per week at my job even though I’ve been offered 40, just so I can sleep in on Fridays and do whatever I want. I essentially gave up an extra $300 or so per month so I could sleep in (among other things). Despite that fact, despite my total love for sleeping until noon, I got up at 8am today after only 6 hours of sleep with one purpose in mind: to find the Meta Knight amiibo.

For those of you that don’t know, amiibo are toys that are compatible with video games. It all started with Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. Amiibo are little figures that you scan into your game and train up to fight. They’re now compatible with other games like Mario Party 10, and they unlock special features in some games like Hyrule Warriors and the new Splatoon. They’re pretty neat technology wise, and people go crazy over them. Especially collectors.

Since the first wave (there have been 4 so far), some amiibo have been artificially rare (because really, there’s no other reason for it) and it’s driving us all insane. I was lucky. I bought two amiibo the day they came out, not knowing how rare those two would become. My first amiibo was Kirby. I bought him at Gamestop because he’s my favorite Smash character. Then I went back and bought Marth for my boyfriend because Marth is one of his favorites. We later found out that Marth (and to a lesser extent, Kirby) is extremely hard to find in stores. The retail price for an amiibo is around $12.99, and currently, Marth fetches $27+ on eBay. Meta Knight, part of Wave 3 and exclusive to Best Buy, fetches as much as $55 on Amazon.

I wish I had known just how hard some of these were going to be to find. I would have paid more attention to release dates and tried harder to get them. There was a rumor that Best Buy was going to get more Meta Knight today along with Wave 4 of amiibo. Target was getting Jigglypuff exclusively and Toys R Us was getting Greninja. I had to prioritize what I wanted because I couldn’t be at all places right when they opened. Target opened at 8am and I was there around 8:10. They had Jigglypuff behind the counter and would only allow one per person, so at least they were finally doing something about scalpers. I picked one up along with Charizard (who is already up on Amazon for $30…) and went back home for a bit to wait for Toys R Us to open. Because Meta Knight was an officially unconfirmed rumor, I prioritized Toys R Us over Best Buy.

When I got there around 9:30am (they opened at 10), I was surprised. I thought that all the hype of “I waited in line for hours!” and “they sold out in minutes!” was exaggerated. But there was a line. There was actually a line to buy amiibo! So I waited. I listened to one guy’s exploits of traveling from store to store last night looking for figures that were supposed to be having a rerun with this new wave. He found 7 in total, but his collection is still incomplete. Like me, he’s still missing Meta Knight, and a few others. I got more and more anxious as the time went on, worried that Greninja would be a limited run and I wouldn’t get one. But once they opened the doors (and the line finally shortened up enough for me to actually get in the door) my worries were appeased. They had plenty of Greninja. So I waited patiently and decided to also get the Splatoon amiibo (despite not owning the game yet) because they unlock features in their game and I didn’t want to miss out on them. I was hoping they’d have more Lucario (which was a Toys R Us exclusive in the past) but they sadly didn’t.

Once I was finally done there, I walked over to GameStop which was a few doors down. They had a sign on their door stating which amiibo they got and how many. I was astounded. They got one Ness. ONE! I was going to get Ness because my boyfriend likes Ness and I figured he’d be rare so I’d better get him now, but there was no chance in hell. That store had been open for at least 20 minutes. That Ness was gone.

Best Buy was my next stop. The more stores I went to, the more I decided to become a collector and get characters I didn’t like as much as well as my favorites. So to ease my disappointment at there being no Meta Knight at Best Buy, I picked up a Zelda. I also saw a few of the guys from Toys R Us at Best Buy, presumably looking for the Meta Knight re-release. I went to another Best Buy but they also had no Meta Knight, so I picked up a Link.

I started on my way home and figured I’d check that GameStop along the way. I was obviously too late. They’d sold out of Ness hours ago. They didn’t have a sign on their door, so there’s no telling how many they got, but I doubt it was very many. I’ve heard reports from all over the country of GameStops only get 1-3 Ness per store. It’s ridiculous. I mean, the artificial rarity does make the collecting a bit more fun. I had a lot of fun hunting today for the figures. But one figure per store? That’s pushing it.

After GameStop I stopped at Meijer and picked up Toon Link (who was on sale!) and Sonic (who is supposed to be a bit harder to find). I then went to Walmart and picked up a Pacman (and a few packs of Pokemon cards to appease my still-disappointment at not finding Meta Knight).

When I got home, the unboxing was really fun. I got more excited than I thought I would taking all those characters out of their boxes, feeling them, and setting them down next to each other. It was very reminiscent of your pile of trophys in Super Smash Bros. I set them all up on a shelf and they look awesome. I didn’t open the Splatoon ones yet because I don’t even have the game yet. All in all, it was a fun day and I got a great haul. But I’m still missing a lot of characters. I ignored the ones that are everywhere for now, like Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach. Those haven’t been made artificially rare. I can wait and buy them one at a time when I have more money. I also ignored the limited edition Silver Mario (though if I’m going to call myself a collector, maybe I should go back and get it?) because it just didn’t interest me that much. But I was really hoping to find some of the more rare ones like Shulk, Sheik (another one of my favorites), Pit, Robin, etc. And obviously the ever elusive Lucario and Meta Knight. I think I’ll be following amiibo news a little more closely after today…

And finally, now that the story telling is all over, here are a couple pictures of my haul:

Boxed Amiibo Haul

Unboxed Amiibo Haul

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