Why It’s Okay To Make Fun Of Everything

You may have heard the saying “either everything’s okay to poke fun at, or nothing is” and I whole heartedly agree.

That’s not to say everyone is okay to make fun of. Bullying is wrong, mmkay?


I’m of the opinion that people should learn to grow a thicker skin; they’ll be a lot happier. But you still shouldn’t go out of your way to hurt people.

Anyway. The fact of the matter is, you can only be offended by what you choose to be offended by, and chances are someone out there is going to be offended when you say something. You can’t expect to poke fun at something and not offend someone, somewhere in the world. People get offended by the stupidest shit, and it’s not your job to cater to their sensibilities. That’s why no topic is off limits: religion, work, obesity, celebrities, even dead babies. So poke away!

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